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What is lemon law?

I just bought a used car ('08 Mazda 3 17k+miles) and this is going to be the 3rd time I'm taking it to the shop for the engine (1. Stalled, 2. Engine light's on, 3 won't start). What can I do, who should I take the car back to the dealer, or Mazda repair shop? Is this qualify under lemon law?

Posted by Not at the table, Carlos

The lemon law is for new cars that the dealers couldn't fix. Naturally, it is always possible to fix a car (there's no such thing as a lemon, really) but in cases where the dealer is too stupid to fix it, you can get your money back.

You are nowhere near lemon law territory, but since the car was used, I think you'll just have to get it fixed and enjoy it, which should be very, very easy.

Remember: there's no such thing as a lemon, really. A car is just a big system of components. If a component is bad, you replace it. If a component is bad, and nobody can find it, then you're dealing with idiots. The car's not the problem, the people who can't fix it are.

Lemon law???

What is the lemon law? When is your car consider a lemon?

Posted by sandra a

The Lemon Law deals with new cars that have been built with manufacturer's defects. It is very complicated to have a vehicle qualify for the manufacturer to buy it back. It general it deals with how many days it is out of service because of defects being repaired. If you just purchased a new car, there is probably a Lemon Law book in the glove box. If you have a used car, look in the glove box and the original owner probably left the Lemon Law booklet in there.

Does the lemon law apply to motorcycles?

We live in california. The bike is a 2005 kawasaki 250. It only had 240 miles on it when we got it. It broke down the first time 3 days after we got it. It came with a full warranty so they "fixed" it. It broke 3 days later same problem. Then 2 times since. We have had it less than a month and it's broken 4 times or more times if you count how many times it's just died on the side of the road and would actually restart for another 2 minutes. What are our rights? We asked them about returning or exchanging it for one that worked and they told us we were stuck with it and they would fix it again… They haven't and my husband is refusing to ride it because he's almost been thrown over the handlebars twice. It just keeps dying, they said it was gas, they said it was a crip in the fuel line, electrical, manufactured that way. All Crap.

And for bad publicity sake-the shop is Quincy's on main in El Cajon, CA -by san diego.Don't ever shop there,their bikes are crap and the service is worse.

Posted by Lisa Marie

Google Lemon law California and you will get all the info you need.

Start with a letter to the manufacturers USA offices letting them know you are filing a Lemon law claim and the reasons and that you want to talk to a representative. Copy the law as an attachement so they know you know what it is about. Relate the specific law issues (IE three attempts to repair with no resolution, 30 total days in repair for the same problem, etc.)

Document all conversations with notes and be sure to have all repair receipts. Ask your repair shop for copies before taking any actions.

New Motor Vehicle Board 916-445-1888 handles lemon claims for MCs.

Also use this link:

Basically follow his steps and apply it to your situation. Good luck.

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